Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Landing Page Optimization and Design tips from MarketingSherpa

After watching MarketingSherpa’s presentation on findings for Landing Page Optimization, I compiled a list of major points that are relevant for the most of electronic marketing:

  • Web marketing is very dynamic environment: no matter what you plan to do – just do something and have a way to tell if it worked or not.
  • There is room for small and large tweaks, technology intensive and not
  • Relevance and streamlined visitor experience is very important.
  • Make easy for people to convert
  • On the forms collect only necessary information for that phase – if they become your customers, you will have plenty of chances to add to their profile later
  • View your electronic campaign in its entirety from idea to funnel inflow to conversion
  • Remove “reset “ button and make your “submit” button relevant to the questions you ask in the form or the next step they go to after pressing it.
  • Make buttons larger – it should be obvious to your visitors what you expect from them
  • On the landing pages make one or at the most two columns for better eye flow
  • Use larger font, black and blue (for links) only, and do not center headlines
  • Design for mobile in plain text

Very informative presentation. To access to the presentation and audio file visit Hot Tips to Increase your Landing Page Conversions teleseminar page


JamesHurst said...

this is a great blog and thanks for summarizing. What I see time and again is that you need to test your hypotheses to see if they ring true. Perhaps the best way is through multivariate tests that you can truly determine what the optimal combination of content is to convert your visitor to paying customer.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Great tips on Landing Page Optimization & Design Tips! I truly feel that you elaborated all thing in details and clear language. Many thanks to you.

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