Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Landing Page Optimization and Design tips from MarketingSherpa

After watching MarketingSherpa’s presentation on findings for Landing Page Optimization, I compiled a list of major points that are relevant for the most of electronic marketing:

  • Web marketing is very dynamic environment: no matter what you plan to do – just do something and have a way to tell if it worked or not.
  • There is room for small and large tweaks, technology intensive and not
  • Relevance and streamlined visitor experience is very important.
  • Make easy for people to convert
  • On the forms collect only necessary information for that phase – if they become your customers, you will have plenty of chances to add to their profile later
  • View your electronic campaign in its entirety from idea to funnel inflow to conversion
  • Remove “reset “ button and make your “submit” button relevant to the questions you ask in the form or the next step they go to after pressing it.
  • Make buttons larger – it should be obvious to your visitors what you expect from them
  • On the landing pages make one or at the most two columns for better eye flow
  • Use larger font, black and blue (for links) only, and do not center headlines
  • Design for mobile in plain text

Very informative presentation. To access to the presentation and audio file visit Hot Tips to Increase your Landing Page Conversions teleseminar page